395.07% profit on my measly $2,000 in 41 trading days? Now that is some performance and Mohini Trade can bring it!

Kor Marton

1 Year 1 Million

Finally, my trading is automated and free of emotions! I set up my Mohini to relentlessly exploit every imaginable situation on the market to make me a profit.

Ildiko Jenei

Ildi Co.

Smart scalping! Mohini Trade is probably the strongest, most flexible, and intelligent FOREX and CFD trading robot I ever had the fortune to work with!

Attila Waldorf

CFD Specialist

I don't know much about FOREX and simply I have ZERO experience with trading, yet I was able to learn how to use this lethal money making tool! FTW Mohini Trade!!

Alonzo Nubio


The performance of Mohini Trade is unheard of. It generates profit for me consistently, on a daily basis. I no longer have to hunch over my laptop all day. 

Erik Stoltz

Das Trader


✅ Verified by

MOHINI TRADE - Fully Verified LIVE Performance


TOTAL PROFIT: +395.07% in 41 trading days


You get a product that is up-to-date and ready to use.

  • MetaTrader 4 Compatible

  • Dynamic Trading

  • 6 Point Captal Protection

  • Secure Profit

  • Bi-Directional Trading

  • Multiple Robots On Same Instrument

  • Independent Position Management

  • One Robot With Multiple Settings

  • Up To 99 Robots On One Instrument*

  • Little To No Supervision*


Finally, A Complete, High-Performance Forex Trading Robot that is capable of Consistently Outperforming The Market

Professional traders spend their entire careers quietly making money by hunching over their computer screens from early morning to late night focusing on the massive amounts of data they need to evaluate and process to make a profit.

The good ones make a pretty penny but it comes with a huge price tag:

They live in a constant state of fear and stress.

They fear that they might lose money by overlooking a tiny detail, or simply not recognizing a pattern or a constellation and will miss out on a huge profit.

They stress because no matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are, once you open a position and the market starts going against you you may end up losing a ton of money.

And we haven’t even talked about the HUMAN FACTOR…


To Err is Human.
To Win Money on FOREX Consistently in The 21st Century Is Not Divine.
It Is The Everyday Reality of Mohini Trade.

Even the best traders in the world can only trade with a limited number of open positions. 
Because we are all human, and it is hard to pay attention to everything.
Trading with fewer positions yet wanting to make a decent profit means having to use larger lots.
Using larger lots means a much higher risk of losing a lot more money per transaction. 

But a reliable robot can open and manage a multitude of smartly placed and controlled positions. Way more than a human alone could deal with.
Smaller positions mean more control over your assets resulting in smaller losses and more frequent wins. I am talking about a large profit.

This is how Mohini Trade beats the market for you.


How Mohini Trade Unlocks Profit Potential by Allowing You To Use Machine Precision Day after Day…

Imagine having virtually unlimited power in the Market now!

The number of simultaneously managed open positions only depends on your capital and NOT on your trading knowledge, experience, or attention span.

On Forex, each instrument has its unique, constantly evolving attributes, so algorithms alone will lose money for you in the long run.
Fortunately, our robot is NOT an algorithm.

AI’s are equally great but still at an early stage and make a lot of mistakes.
If a company claims to have an AI trader, it is usually a bit of an exaggeration, and – guess what – even if it will not lose money for you, it will miss out on some of your profit potentials. So it will lose time for you.

Fortunately, Mohini Trade is also NOT an Artificial Intelligence.

It is a lot better…

It is the perfect machine companion to flawlessly recognize patterns based on your settings and preferences and execute winning trades for you.

Even when you are not there watching. 

Here is what Mohini Trade can do for you

Min. 10-30% Profit per Month

Depending on the volatility and profitability of the instrument you trade with, Mohini Trade's typical profit percentage really ranges between 20-100% per month but we don't want to make claims that may seem even a bit exaggerated.

95% Profitability

While most robots are happy with a 60% profitability, we are not. During our live trading tests on countless demo accounts and real money accounts, Mohini Trade won an average of 95% of all trades and only lost 5%. Now, that is outstanding.

3.5 Profit Factor

Profit Factor is simply defined as gross profits divided by gross losses. A Profit Factor above 2 is outstanding. Obviously, the larger the number is, the better. A Profit Factor of 3.5 means your net gains were 3.5 times greater than your net losses, and anything above 3 is unheard of.

8 Points Capital Protection

Mohini Trade makes it virtually impossible to lose all your capital. There are exactly 8 pro-active safeguards in place to save your capital from slipping away. Sure, trading on Forex is a risky business but Mohini Trade will take care of your capital as best as it can.

720 Points of Accuracy

Your typical everyday run-of-the-mill robot will inspect about 50-60 points of data before opening or closing a position. Mohini Trade evaluates up to 720 data points to determine whether or not it is likely profitable to open or close a position. Now that is thorough!

Max 8% Drawdown

Usually, things get worse before they get better. It is the same on any market. Mohini Trade makes sure that you don't dangerously overextend your financial means while trading and it will keep your drawdown to a minimum.

99 Robots on One Instrument

Now, this is one thing a human most definitely could not do: Paying attention to up to 99 possible different aspects of your trading preferences on the same instrument. Wherever the market goes Mohini Trades makes a profit for you, almost every step of the way.

One Main Robot

One Robot To Rule Them All! Starting or stopping trading on all of your instruments can be done with just one click through the main robot. It will also keep tabs on your trading activities across your instruments in order to protect you from yourself.

Works Great in All Markets

Whether it is a bull market, a bear market, or a sideways one - Mohini Trade always perseveres and makes you profit based on your preferences. It is great at automatically opening, managing, and closing any Buy, Sell, Reverse Buy, or Reverse Sell positions for you. CHA-CHING!

Works On Any Instrument

Although initially, Mohini Trade has been optimized for DAX30 it works fine on pretty much anything. We successfully tested it on a wide variety of CFDs, Forex trading pairs, and even Digital Currencies and it displayed an extremely solid performance regardless of the instrument in question.

PC/Windows Compatible

Mohini trade is fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows. As long as you have MetaTrader 4 running on your computer, the installation will be just a breeze. Mac and Linux versions of Mohini Trade coming soon!

MetaTrader 4 Compatible

MetaTrader 4 is possibly the most popular, and definitely the most used trading software in the world today. And Mohini Trade is compatible with it, straight out of the box. MetaTrader 5 version is coming soon!


Here’s How Mohini Trade will
Dramatically Improve and Maximize Your Trading Profits

We’ve built and rigorously tested Mohini Trade with only one goal in mind:
The end-user should be able to use it easily to maximize their trading profit under any market condition.

You can easily learn to build your own SETs to perfectly streamline your automated trading efforts.

Let the profit roll in under little to no supervision!


One Time Purchase

Mohini Unlimited

The Trading Robot Without Restrictions
$ 25,000 One Time Payment
  • Unlimited Mohini Trade EA
  • VIP Package
  • Forever VIP Support
  • Forever Updates

Trade with Unlimited Capital ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mohini Unlimited will enable you to trade with any amount of capital, without restrictions.

Personal VIP training session ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Learn the secrets of Mohini Trade quickly and easily from our team of professionals and get started with your highly profitable automated Mohini trading the same day!

Mohini Chief ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Chief is the Boss of the Bosses! The Chuck Norris of the trading robots. It doesn't tell you where the price will go, it tells the price where to go! 😁 But seriously, Chief is the Boss.

Access to VIP Lounge ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mingle with other High Rollers in our private secret FaceBook support group and see others' shared secret sauce...

Forever VIP Support ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our highest standard of VIP support to your highest satisfaction! Dedicated staff will take care of you via email, live chat or phone.

Monthly Rent Packages

Mohini +100

$150 USDT / month
  • Robot Trading up to $2,500
  • Trading On Real Money Account
  • Free Basic Training
  • 24/7 support
  • Mohini Demo Package

Mohini +250

$400 USDT / month
  • Robot Trading up to $12,500
  • Trading On Real Money Account
  • Free Basic Training
  • 24/7 support
  • Mohini Demo Package
  • Mohini +100 Package

Mohini +750

$1,150 USDT / month
  • Robot Trading up to $50,000
  • Trading On Real Money Account
  • Free VIP training
  • Mohini Demo Package
  • Mohini +250 Package
  • Mohini Chief
  • Free Mohini VPS


Make a one time purchase and never worry about capital limitations, or monthly fees!

Contact us for a 1-on-1 Demo NOW!

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

             - Warren Buffett